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Purchasing Single Items

Paypal is our authorised payment processor as they are the safest and most secure payment option for our customers. Once you click on a button to purchase an item, you will see a screen similar to the following:

Sample Paypal Screen

If you do not have an existing Paypal account, then click on the button shown in the sample screen above. You will then be presented with another screen to enable you to enter your credit card information and set up your Paypal account. Tip: If you live outside the US, then please ensure you click on the Paypal non-US Accounts link for the Paypal Location field.

If you have an existing Paypal account, you can login into your account and pay using your credit card or bank account (if available) using the normal Paypal facilities.

Once payment has been made, you will return to our site and be sent an email confirming the purchase.

Purchasing Multiple Items

You can purchase multiple items using the Paypal Shopping Cart facility. If you click on the "Add to Shopping Cart" button for any of the prints, a new Shopping Cart window will appear similar to the following screen.

Sample Paypal Shopping Cart

This screen will show all the items you have added to the Shopping Cart. In this window, you can perform the following:

  1. Purchase the items in the Shopping Cart by clicking on "Checkout".
  2. Change the quantities of items in the Shopping Cart by changing the number in the "Qty" column next to the item, or remove an item from the Shopping Cart by click in the "Remove" column. You will need to click on "Update Cart" to save your changes.
  3. Return to the Kondor Gallery site to view more items by clicking on "Continue Shopping".

Once you click on "CheckOut", the shipping cost will be added (see "Shipping Charges" below) and the normal Paypal payment authorisation screen will appear (similar to the screen sample shown in "Purchasing Single Items" above). You can then proceed to purchase by credit card using an existing Paypal account, or creating a new account.


We ensure your shopping is done safely and security, and that is why we use Paypal for our payment processor. Kondor Gallery does not hold any personal information such as names or credit card information, so there is no risk when purchasing from us. Tip: when working with Paypal, please ensure that the secure site symbol and that the "Pay to:" field reads Kondor Gallery.


All items are priced in US Dollars.


The following are the shipping charges used for Kondor Gallery purchases. All shipping is charged in US Dollars and is additional to the cost of the items. All items ordered are shipped by International Air.

Purchase Amount

Shipping Charge

$0.00 - $199.99


$200.00 and over


Applicable Taxes

Different taxes apply for each country, and payment of any Customs or local taxes are the responsibility of the purchaser. Customs documentation will show the value of the items shipped.


If you are purchasing the items as a gift and require us to deliver the items to a different delivery address, then please enter the delivery address in the Paypal section marked "Optional Instructions". Please ensure you choose the gift correctly as we are unable to exchange the items once shipped.

Returns Policy

We have every confidence that you will be satisfied with your purchase. However, in case the print(s) are damaged in transit or the incorrect print(s) sent by us, please email us at returns@kondorgallery.com with the invoice number and the item(s) that were damaged or incorrect shipped within 7 days of receipt for return authorisation.

Once the return has been authorised, please return the print(s) to us at the address below, ensuring that the prints are wrapped securely. Please include the original invoice with the returned print(s). We will replace damaged or incorrectly shipped items with the same item or refund your Paypal account card if the item is no longer available.

Please note that our returns policy is only valid for 7 days from receipt by you. We will consider but are not obliged to accept any return submitted outside these time limits.

Returns Address

Please send all returns to:

The Kondor Gallery
15-17 Egerton St
Sydney, NSW 2128


Unfortunately, we cannot exchange items unless they are faulty or the wrong item has been dispatched incorrectly as a result of our error.


If you have any questions or problems on this site, please email us at help@kondorgallery.com.